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Utopian Living

 Utopia (juːˈtəʊpɪə) n - any real or imaginary society, place, state, etc, considered to be perfect or ideal

Do you feel excited and passionate about the future?


Does the future leave you feeling a sense of despair?

Are you feeling Stressed? Anxious? Overwhelmed?

Do you suffer from Low Self Esteem? Lack of Confidence? Lack of Direction?

So many of us in today's Society are struggling with the symptoms of these feelings and emotions on a daily basis.

Sadly ... what most don't realise is that these symptoms can and DO cause illness (both physical and mental), pain, relationship breakdowns, dependencies, poor concentration, etc ... and yes ... they can kill!

I know how this feels ... I've been there ... it almost destroyed my life at a time when I was needed most.

A few years ago, when all in the world seemed to be going against me ... I made a conscious promise to myself. I didn't want to reach the end of my life saying

"I wonder what if.....?"

No ...

I'm determined to slide into 'home base' laughing, saying "Wow ... What a FANTASTIC ride I've had!" ... knowing that I've lived life with Passion and Purpose ... knowing that I've given everything my very best shot ... and when I was down, I stepped up and was even more determined to try again!

Every day, I am meeting more and more people with the same story ...

- Some are going through a true midlife crisis ... kids are grown ... partner is busy with their career ... they are left with a sense of 'emptiness'

- Some have lost a loved one through divorce or death and the sense of loss and loneliness is overwhelming

- Some are struggling to adjust to workforce changes

- Some are struggling with self esteem and confidence issues

- Some are feeling despair ... that life just isn't going the way they dreamed it would

- At the end of the day ... they are ALL so scared of what the future holds that they forget to LIVE in the meantime!

If any of these sound like you, if you feel that life has no direction ... that you just can't get 'Unstuck' ... that you just can't see HOW to get out of your current situation ... You're NOT alone.

The 'Reclaim Your Life' Seminar is all about doing just that ... Reclaiming your life

Daring to dream again ... igniting those dreams ... turning them into goals ...

and turning those goals into REALITY!!!

This is no magic pill!

We go through powerful steps to explore what it is you REALLY want in Life

We explore what's holding you back from creating the life you TRULY want

You will learn strategies, tools and tips to manage life as it is

... and to create life as it is going to be.

This seminar is powerful ... intensive ... empowering ... life changing!

NOW is the time for YOU to Reclaim YOUR Life!

The 'Reclaim Your Life' seminar is ONLY for people who are genuinely ready to reclaim their life ...

People who are REALLY ready to turn the page and move to the next chapter of life!

Expressions of Interest are being taken NOW for the 'Reclaim Your Life' seminar - Gold Coast


This is YOUR opportunity to 'Reclaim Your Life'

'Reclaim Your Life' seminar - Gold Coast

29th & 30th July, 2017

Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea and Lunch included

Ticketing Options:

Single Basic Ticket: $399 pp

Table of 8 Group Ticket: $350 pp

VIP Ticket: $599 pp

VIP Table of 8 Group Ticket: $550 pp

**VIP Ticket Inclusions:**

VIP Seating at the 'Reclaim Your Life' seminar

Attendance at the VIP Networking Social event on Saturday 29th July evening

A one hour private Success Strategy Session with Michele within 2 weeks following the 'Reclaim Your Life' seminar